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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time to smell the gingerbread or the eggnog or the chestnuts . . .

NLR extends to our members, users, partners and other associates our very best wishes for this holiday season. May it be filled with cheer and an opportunity for rest and renewal.

US-UK-Georgia TelePresence Link with Help from NLR

Three locations were able to join via Cisco TelePresence in celebrating the opening of a new IPv6 lab in Tbilisi, Georgia. John Morgridge, Cisco CEO emeritus, donated the equipment and participated from Cisco's San Jose, CA office (in photo at right). And the director and CTO of Cisco's Consulting Engineering group connected in from London to the lab at the Georgian Research and Education Networking Association (GRENA) in Tbilisi. Attendees in Tbilisi including the deputy minister of science and education.

The TelePresence session ran over national research and education network (NREN) infrastructures (NLR for the US portion) and was made possible by a link between the NLR and AT&T TelePresence Exchanges. TelePresence connectivity is supported over this link between NLR-connected universities and more than 650 Cisco TelePresence rooms worldwide.