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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Hands Meeting Photos

Photos from today's All Hands Meeting program and reception at the GRNOC at Indiana University have been posted to NLR's Flickr site.

Here are a few. More to come from Day 2. Also favorites from other participating photographers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cisco News: NLR "America's Most Advanced Network"

NLR's the subject of several feature stories appearing this week on Cisco's online newsroom.

One of the articles highlights that NLR is an unfettered resource for research and commercial innovation, that it is the only national fiber optic network in the world that hosts research traffic from universities and government agencies alongside data from corporations, and that NLR has catalyzed regional broadband development around the country.

NLR Director of Engineering and Operations Grover Browning was interviewed on NLR's aggresive reliability standards, and he describes how NLR's reliability is now as good or better than that of virtually any other network. "We try to be conservative in our reliability estimates, but in most all cases we are now hitting at 99.999 percent reliability or better."

A separate story revolves around how Sandford-Burnham Medical Research Institute is using the NLR network to conduct research under a $100 million NIH grant, connecting its campuses is Florida and California.