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Thursday, November 5, 2009

EDUCAUSE Conference: NLR Session, TelePresence with Cisco

NLR made several important contributions to this week's EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Denver.

NLR Board Director Ron Hutchins presented on how NLR is an extended resource for universities and colleges, giving examples of the value NLR provides Georgia Tech and other institutions on Southern Light Rail, such as flexibility of service offerings, fast turn up of new circuits and very cost effective pricing structure relative to commercial providers. Ron's presentation is available on the NLR website.

New CEO Glenn Ricart also spoke briefly about his commitment to ensuring NLR remains a highly valuable asset for the research and education community.

In addition, NLR was the platform for Cisco's TelePresence demonstrations, with TelePresence capability managed out of NLR's TelePresence Exchange in Kansas City and coming in to the show floor via NLR's Denver PoP. Wendy Huntoon, Vice Chair of the NLR Board, participated in several TelePresence sessions with visitors to Cisco's booth from her office at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), talking on how PSC and NLR increasingly use TelePresence to reduce physical travel and enhance collaboration and productivity. Conference attendee comments on TelePresence in the Cisco booth with NLR are available on Cisco's YouTube channel.