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Monday, February 8, 2010

NLR, Internet2 on TelePresence at Joint Techs

A preview of the new unified Cisco TelePresence service for research and education (R&E), formally announced today by Internet2 and NLR, was provided at last week’s ESCC/Internet2’s Joint Techs Conference by Ben Fineman (Internet2) and Brent Sweeny (Indiana University, GRNOC and NLR Engineering).

In a joint presentation, Ben and Brent described the shared objective of connecting islands and making Cisco TelePresence widely available to US R&E in a presentation that can be viewed at: For video, see:

More details about the new service will be announced. In the meantime, questions or comments can be sent to or To subscribe to a mailing list: or

Photos of the Joint Techs workshop can be found at: