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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

University of New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories Sign MOU to Attract Top Students and Improve Research Opportunities

UNM President David J. Schmidly and Sandia National Laboratories President Tom Hunter have signed a memorandum of understanding to increase cooperation between the two institutions.

“This MOU brings together two of the greatest gems we have in New Mexico, to partner with one another in a mutually beneficial way – a way that will strengthen UNM, a way that will strengthen Sandia Labs and a way that will be better for all of New Mexico,” said Schmidly.

The partners will work to enhance the opportunities for top students from UNM to find placement at Sandia, and to assure that the university is viewed as one of the most competitive suppliers of top talent to Sandia.

Working together, they will help to secure external funding for research projects in computing and information infrastructure that include LambdaRail, a new, high-speed version of the Internet.

Other highlighted areas include informatics (an emerging area of information research with a wealth of applications in data-rich fields like biology, ecology, climate science and homeland defense), and cognition (targeting rapid advances in health sciences and national security).

Another part of the MOU is the creation of the Institute for Science and Engineering Studies (ISES) that will support joint recruiting and appointments and facilitate shared access to laboratory facilities and intellectual property agreements.