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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Connect to NLR and the Regional Optical Networks

Why Connect

  • Your research and/or education needs demand cost-effective networking
  • Your research and/or education needs demand high performance networks that enable collaboration with colleagues globally
  • Your research and/or education needs demand that you remove the boundaries of the laboratory and give colleagues an opportunity to participate remotely
  • You want to attract high-caliber research and/or education faculty with state-of-the-art network connectivity

How to Connect

For almost all of the NLR services, NLR provides the national backbone, or wide-area network component, of an end-to-end service with an NLR Member or Associate organization providing or coordinating the regional component and an individual institution the local component.

While NLR does not provide the regional components of its service, it is able to facilitate the entire connection either through providing contacts for each end site or through providing the coordination necessary to implement the entire path.

In addition, the NLR members list shows the administrative and technical contact information for each of the NLR Members, including the RONs. These contacts can provide additional technical and cost information for the regional components of the services.

NLR staff, in cooperation with RONs, will assist researchers in developing preliminary costs for their proposals. Researchers can send costing requests to